(January - October 2014)
SMARTER - "Social Media Academy: Raise Teen Employability Resources" (YiA, 4.3), a training course in Bucharest, Romania gathering 40 youth workers from 14 countries.

(June 2014)
"Youth initiatives for Social Engagement" (YiA, 4.3), a training course organized in Peraia, Greece on the topic of social media communication and social engagement.

"No hate speech movement", a European campaign against hate speech online initiated by the Council of Europe

(November - December 2013)
"New Media Ambassadors" (3rd generation) plan, promote, organize and judge "Find a resource, test a resource", the very first contest we organized for our Facebook page fans.

(August - December 2013)
SMYLE - "Social Media & Youth - Learning for Employment", a "Youth in action" youth exchange (1.1) aimed to raise awareness on the importance of social media for the employability of young people.

(August 2013 - February 2014)
"New Media Ambassadors" training course (YiA, 4.3) in Newcastle, UK. 28 young people, youth workers, project managers and youth leaders from 12 countries gather to find out more about GEYC Resources Center and to enhance their new media skills. Some of them are former or future NMA interns.
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