The Resources Center

GEYC Resources Center (GEYC RC) aims to digitally empower young people all over the world to create a positive change in their communities by offering access to tools, free education and networking.

  • offering free access to new media education;
  • providing online resources for youth and non profit work;
  • encouraging the sharing of good practices among non profit organisations at European and international level;
  • stimulating networking between non profit organisations at European and international level and multilingualism;

Our center is aimed to support "Young People Combating Hate Speech On-line" campaign of Council of Europe.

Young People Combating Hate Speech On-line is a project of the Council of Europe’s youth sector to be run between 2012 and 2014. The project aims to combat racism and discrimination in their online expression of hate speech by equipping young people and youth organisations with the competences necessary to recognize and act against such human rights violations.


The Resources Center is initiated and currently managed by GEYC, a Romanian established non profit organisation active at European level. We are a member of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs promoted by the European Commission and the initiator of the European Digital Youth Summit (EDYS) - an event under the European Parliament patronage. Find out more


November - December 2013 - "New Media Ambassadors" (3rd generation) plan, promote, organize and judge "Find a resource, test a resource", the very first contest we organized. GEYC RC Facebook page got more than 2014 fans!;

20-24/11/2013 - GEYC Resources Center exhibition at Gaudeamus Bookfair in Bucharest, Romania;

09/11/2013 - "New Media Ambassadors" (interns and trainees) organize together a campaign to celebrate the International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism. They make a video, they share their messages of GEYC RC Facebook page and get involved at local level.

03/11/2013 - We start "New Media Ambassadors" training course (YiA, 4.3) in Newcastle, UK. 28 young people, youth workers, project managers and youth leaders from 12 countries gather to find out more about GEYC Resources Center and to enhance their new media skills. Some of them are former or future NMA interns.

15/09/2013 - The third generation of "New Media Ambassadors" start their adventure. The internship becomes more complex lasting 3 months instead of 2 (as it was before).

03/08/2013 - We started SMYLE - "Social Media & Youth - Learning for Employment", a "Youth in action" youth exchange (1.1) aimed to raise awareness on the importance of social media for the employability of young people. 

01/07/2013 - Four new categories are added to the center: "personal development", "education", "communication", "management and marketing". We launch the GEYC Resources Center Facebook page and the second generation of "New Media Ambassadors" start their internship while one NMA (1st generation) receives "Magna cum laude" distinction.

01/05/2013 - We launched "New Media Ambassadors" internship program. As the first generation of the program, young people from all over the world joined the team to enhance their new media skills.

21/03/2013 - GEYC Resources Center was launched with two categories of resources: "social media" and "multimedia". 
The center was launched on this specific day in order to celebrate the International day against racism and the official launch of "Young People Combating Hate Speech On-line" campaign of Council of Europe.
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