Presentation at a school principals meeting (Tsaghkadzor, Armenia) - photos

27.02-02.03.2014. GEYC Resources Center was presented by Lilit Adamyan (NMA4). She introduced the useful tools for keeping up-to dated their every day work. The participants were greatly surprised to discover such tools as FreeMind - mind mapping software, Funds for NGOs, 10 Time Management Tips That Work, Homeschooling and it's benefits, Learnist - learning community and some other useful and interesting social tools.

Presentation at SMYLE National Conference (Bucharest, Romania) - photos

17.12.2013. GEYC Resources Center was presented to SMYLE National Conference participants. We focused on the benefits of using the center and on the "NMA" internship program which had an open call at that moment.

Presentation at Annual meeting of woman's organisations (Jahorina, Bosnia & Herzegovina) - photos

December 2013. Ivana Stanković (NMA 3) has presented New Media Ambassadors Internship Programme and GEYC Resources Center during an IT training for annual meeting of woman's organisations sponsored by Swedish foundation Kvinna till Kvinna. 

05.12.2013. The biggest event in the field of new media in Romania. 

Presentation at Virgil Madgearu Economic College (Ploiesti, Romania) - photos

December 2013. Ana Nedelcu, member of GEYC Community, presented GEYC Resources Center to a group of high-school students from Virgil Madgearu Economic College (Ploiesti, Romania). Her initiative was part of a series of non-formal activities dedicated to the celebration of the days of this college. Ana disseminated information about the European Voluntary Service programe, using her concrete example and presented some local and national resources, meant to help youths to get informed and access various learning opportunities, focusing on the free online tools that GEYC RC offers;

Gaudeamus Bookfair (Bucharest, Romania) - photos

20-24/11/2013. GEYC Resources Center had an exhibition at the 9th edition of the "National Salon of Inventions and Scientific Creativity for Youth" organized by Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sport;

"New Media Ambassadors" training course (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) - photos

08.11.2013. GEYC Resources Center was introduced by our colleague, Diana Ioniță to the NMA training course participants. They have experienced the tools we offer and we discussed how could they use it in the future for their work;

Presentation at JU Peta gimnazija, (Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina) - photos

May 2013. Vanja Cakić & Andrea Dizdarević, two of the GEYC Resources Center's New Media Ambassadors, have started a promotional campaign at local level and held an informative session in JU Peta gimnazija, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The presentation targeted high school students from the second grade (the school system in Bosnia & Herzegovina: elementary school has 8 grades, while high school has 4. This means that the audience consisted out of 16/17 year old's).
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