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New Media Ambassador program

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Calling to join an interactive based online competition for promoting G.E.Y.C. Resource Centre based on social media. A three months practical training in the field of social  media, multimedia, P.R. and communication skills.


 Develop and promote the G.E.Y.C. Resource Center by launching the call for New Media  Ambassador.  During three months of  practical training of social media, P.R. communication  with people from around the  world. A unique experience.

15.09 – 15.12.2014
Where  (Online)
1 September 2014

Participants Profiles:

      ·    ability to communicate in English;
      ·    ability to communicate e by e-mail/ Facebook on a daily basis;
      ·    basic experience in using social media and multimedia tools;
      ·    sense of initiative, creativity, responsibility, self-management

Practical Training:

      ·    Raising new media skills;
      ·    Raising communication, P.R. and social media skills;
      ·    Developing sense of initiative and creativity skills;
      ·    Developing the content of G.E.Y.C. Resources Center;
      ·    Promoting G.E.Y.C. Resources Center.                                                                      
    The duration: 3 months(12 weeks)
    Your time: 5-10 hours a week to fulfill all tasks.

·  The title of "New Media Ambassador";
·  Unforgettable experience in new media;
·  The recommendation letter from G.E.Y.C.;
·  Improving your communication, social media, multimedia skills;
·  Lots of new and interesting friends and colleges from all over the world;
·  The volunteering experience  what perfectly will fit in your C.V.;
·  Your photo on our website;
·  Flexible schedule;
·  New ideas.

We would like to receive your application.
Apply Now and don’t miss this opportunity!

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