Call for NMA's - Champs Team

15 September – 15 December 2014
Apply now!

     Summary: GEYC Resources Center calls for New Media Ambassadors for a 3 months length practical internship online, with a 10 to 15 hours/ week involvement! If you posses a creative mind and a thirst to explore the web world, then GEYC RESOURCES CENTER is where you should invest your abilities!
         We will harness your social media skills, by engaging your social skills  and your creativity, into social media, multimedia, communication, personal development  and other useful domains. GEYC platform shows you a faster and more productive way in exploring more of what exists on the web and ways to resource it, for a better outcome in your professional and personal life.


         For the September-December 2014 stage we have some goodies in the store for you, so...we are launching the GEYC Knight Challenge: Take GEYC in your backpack!
          If you want to enter this internship with the honorific title of  GEYC Promotional Knight & New Media Ambassador, and a point given advantage in the selection procedure, we dare you to photograph or film yourself in the most un-reachable places you can think of, together with the GEYC logo, and send it to us on, with the title: NMA Promotional Knight, until September 15th!  Show us you are interested!

  • Do you plan to conquer the top of a mountain in your home country or elsewhere? Take GEYC logo with you!
  • Do you plan to dive into the sea or swim with the dolphins? Take GEYC logo with you!
  • Do you plan to ride a hot air balloon? Take GEYC logo with you!

           We are interested in your promotion abilities and creativity and yes, YOU are WANTED!!

           Here is more about  YOU:
  • Do you have internet access and active social profiles o Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin & co?
  • Do you spend most of your time on the Internet and would like to make it more useful?
  • Do you feel creative and ready to show it wherever you are?
  • Are you a team-player and able to communicate in a medium English?
  • Would you like spending  time online with people from different cultures and get to know them?
  • Are you  interested  (individual or organizational) to learn more about web tools and ways to promote them?
  • Do you already know useful online resources and you feel ready to learn more?
  • Do you want to learn about Social Media and Marketing?


           Your New Media Ambassador BENEFITS:
  • You will learn to use social media, online communication tools and other web resources
  • You will increase your knowledge on PR, Multimedia techniques, online available resources and their uses in daily work or personal life.
  • You will experience working in an online dynamic & multicultural environment as a team.
  • You will have the opportunity to represent GEYC as an ambassador to local groups in your country.
  • You will receive  a letter of recommendation after the successful completion of the internship period.
  • And of course your personal picture will have its place in our official webpage as a New Media Ambassador.
           Be a better version of your online-self: fill-in our online form till 1 September 2014. You can find the form here!  Join GEYC for an international experience right from the comfort of your home!

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