Call for NMA's - The Ambassadors for a change

This is New Media Ambassadors program is calling for you! 
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You can be the 100th GEYC New Media Ambassador! Apply now and join the community of volunteers from all over the world and represent, develop and promote the GEYC Resources Center!

6th generation New Media Ambassadors are expected to join the GEYC RC team from September to December 2014.

1 September 2014

About GEYC Resources Center?
GEYC Resources Center (GEYC RC) aims to digitally empower young people all over the world to create a positive change in their communities by offering access to tools, free education and networking.
GEYC Resources Center is an online center of resources offering a wide variety of free online tools. GEYC RC is launched and coordinated by the Group of the European Youth for Change - GEYC, a Romanian organization founded in 2010. GEYC is a member of Advisory Council on Youth of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Romanian Government.

About the New Media Ambassador program
88 New Media Ambassadors joined the program since it was launched in 2013. The New Media Ambassadors (NMA) are volunteers all around the world entitled to represent, develop and promote the GEYC Resources Center at local and national level.
But to be a New Media Ambassador is much more than that – you will take part in a practical training where you will have the chance to brush up your new media and communications skills.

Who are we looking for?
The New Media Ambassadors should
-          be able to communicate in English;
-          have (stable) access to Internet (this is an online program);
-          at least basic experience with social media;
-          be team players;
-          be proactive and creative.                                                                                                          

Don't miss the opportunity and apply here!

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