Top 7: Personal development tools of GEYC Resources Center

  1. Erasmus+  - EU programme for education, taining, youth and sport
  2. Saltho Youth  - practical online tools for your youth work and training
  3. Eurodesk - provider of information on European policies and opportunities for young people
  4. European Voluntary Service 
  5. TED – ideas worth spreading 
  6. Hey-Success  - Everything for a student's success!
  7. Free personal development E-Books 

Evaluation procedure

The ranking was made by "New Media Ambassadors" (4th generation). In the ranking of the Personal development tools they kept into account the following variables of ranking:
1. Efficiency of the resource based on the relationship between the problem it solves and the content it provides for that
2. Functionality of the resource reported to the mobility of youth and balance between formal-non-formal education

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