5by - it's purpose is to give the audience the kind of video that they like

5by has been called the Songza of videos. When you enter the page, you are greeted not by a smattering of videos, but by a series of categories with which you can connect, for example "blowing your mind", "Killing time",etc. Clicking any of those categories brings you to a slightly more granular set of options to choose from (think “Animals”), and one more click takes you straight into a video (culled from YouTube or Vimeo) of 5by’s choosing. It is a great website for you to kill some time, or when you are bored and don't know what to watch! When you’re in a video, you’re presented with a series of reactions: you can hit buttons to signify that you’ve laughed at the video being shown to you, hated it, or felt it tug at your heartstrings. 

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Submitted by Anne Rose Schepp - New Media Ambassador at GEYC Resources Center

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